DMG The General Assembly Dayspring Gathering

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The General Assembly Dayspring Gathering
2019 DMG Theme:
Spiritual Development and Fruit Bearing

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Office number for the Dayspring Ministry Group: 601.320.6704

The Dayspring Ministry Group is now on social media. There are three Facebooks where you can find out info about the Ministry of the Dayspring Group.

Dr. Barkman has a private Facebook under the name of "Gary W. Barkman." You will find some ministry here and many personal and family postings.You will see a picture of Dr. Barkman and his wife Dwana on this Facebook.

The next Facebook is under the name of Gary Barkman. This one has a banner that states that the Facebook is for "The Dayspring Ministry Group... This is a large Facebook with over 4,500 friends. You may request to be a friend here.You will see a pic of Archbishop Primus Gary Barkman and his wife Dwana on this site.

The School Facebook, Dayspring Christian University, is under a Facebook entitled AACT Drgbarkman ... This Facebook has a Banner with the name of the University and pictures of Dr. Barkman in his Graduation robe with his wife Dwana Barkman. This FB has about 1,100 friends. Join us...

As we have been working on the reorganization of the Dayspring Ministry Group we also wish now to announce the Theme of our Dayspring Gathering & General Conference for 2019.

Pray with us about this Theme:
Spiritual development and Fruit Bearing.
Let us know what you think of this theme.