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Domestic Violence Specialist Certification

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Domestic Violence ... The Norm for Some!!!

You can become a Biblical Domestic Violence Specialist, or a Christian Domestic Violence Professional or even a Domestic Violence Christian Advocate.  You may have the experience and the credentials to support your ministry… but you may need certification or license.


If you need training the AACT can provide training to suppliment your already earned credentials.  If you need intense training we can send you to a specialist who will train you and then test you… and then you can return for your certification or license.


Check below to see for which level you qualify or you need training… one course or intense training to better help those who are victims of domestic violence.


  • Domestic violence has long been recognized as a wide spread public health problem.
  • Some studies estimate that over two million women are physically assaulted by their male partners in the United States.
  • We must be cognizant of the fact that domestic abuse effects lesbian ,gay and heterosexual males as well.
  • Each year hundreds of thousands of victims of domestic violence are seen by healthcare providers across the country.Unfortunately most go unrecognized.
  • Domestic violence is the single largest cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States ,more than muggings ,car accidents ,and rapes combined.
  • Approximately 2-3 million children in the United States are seriously abused by their parents ,guardians or others each year and more than 1,000 children die as a result of their injuries.
  • Recent studies suggest suggest that approximately 20 percent of children will be sexually abused by someone they know.



    Introduction to Pastoral Care

    Marriags and Family Counseling course

    Core Issues in Domestic Violence Counseling

    Mastery Over Anger or related course

    Assertiveness and Self Ownership

    Codependency to Self-identity (Any course that covers codependency)*

    Understanding Arrested Development

    Childhood counseling – Play Therapy

    Recovery from Addiction

    Counseling the Teenager

    Counseling Addicts and Offenders

    If you feel that you need more training and testing before certification please go to the ITCT web site ( and see the offerings of the Institute.  If you have further questions please write to the AACT headquarters to begin your training in being a Christian Domestic Violence Professional. Or continue down the page to determine the AACT certification / license that best suits you

    Certification or            Description                                                       Annual Fee



    Certification                Biblical/Christian Domestic Violence Specialist                 $139.00


    Certification requirements for certified CDVP … Current credentials in Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching, CDVP training,

     or AACT CDVP course I & II (A Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counseling or related field)


    Certification                 Christian Domestic Violence Professional I          $159.00


    Certification requirements for certified CDVP … Current credentials in Pastoral

    Counseling, Life Coaching, CDVP training, or AACT CDVP course I & II

    (A Bachelor’s degree in Pastoral Counseling or related field)


    License                        Christian Domestic Violence Professional II         $159.00


    Certification requirements for licensed CDVP … Current credentials in Pastoral

    Counseling, or Life Coaching, or CDVP Training, or AACT CDVP course I, II and III.

    (A Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling or related field)


    License                         Domestic Violence Christian Advocate               $169.00


    License                         Domestic Violence Christian Advocate Diplomate  $189.00


    Certification Requirements for DVCA (DomesticViolence Christian Advocate)

    … Current credentials in Pastoral Counseling, Life Coaching, CDVS Training,

    or AACT CDVS course I, II, & III, and IV


    The Advocate is responsible for providing support, resource and referral for

    victims of domestic violence for residential participants in a program and those

    served through a Community Based Outreach.


    A successful Domestic Violence Christian Advocate is:
    1. One with a keen awareness of the critical nature of services provided to

    victims of domestic violence who are residing in the community and have

    minimal support.
    2. A strong ability to assist and support victims of domestic violence with

    lethality self-assessment and safety planning.
    3. A commitment to meeting the day-to-day needs of the women in a

    compassionate manner that is in concert with the empowerment dynamic.

    Qualifications: 2 years of post-secondary education in a related field or

    equivalent work experience in family violence services.

    (At least 5 years

    with a Master’s degree or a doctoral degree in pastoral and Christian counseling)


    What are the signs of domestic violence?

                                     Destructive criticism and verbal abuse: shouting/mocking/accusing/name calling/verbally threatening

                                     Pressure tactics: sulking, threatening to withhold money, disconnect the telephone, take the car away, commit suicide, take the children away, report you to welfare agencies unless you comply with his demands regarding bringing up the children, lying to your friends and family about you, telling you that you have no choice in any decisions.

                                     Disrespect: persistently putting you down in front of other people, not listening or responding when you talk, interrupting your telephone calls, taking money from your purse without asking, refusing to help with childcare or housework.

                                     Breaking trust: lying to you, withholding information from you, being jealous, having other relationships, breaking promises and shared agreements.

                                     Isolation: monitoring or blocking your telephone calls, telling you where you can and cannot go, preventing you from seeing friends and relatives.

                                     Harassment: following you, checking up on you, opening your mail, repeatedly checking to see who has telephoned you, embarrassing you in public.

                                     Threats: making angry gestures, using physical size to intimidate, shouting you down, destroying your possessions, breaking things, punching walls, wielding a knife or a gun, threatening to kill or harm you and the children.

                                     Sexual violence: using force, threats or intimidation to make you perform sexual acts, having sex with you when you don't want to have sex, any degrading treatment based on your sexual orientation.

                                     Physical violence: punching, slapping, hitting, biting, pinching, kicking, pulling hair out, pushing, shoving, burning, strangling.

                                     Denial: saying the abuse doesn't happen, saying you caused the abusive behaviour, being publicly gentle and patient, crying and begging for forgiveness, saying it will never happen again.



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