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Mustiple year Certification & License

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AACT and her school, Dayspring Christian University... continue to grow.. and with growth comes new benefits for the membership....
If you would like a NEW Dayspring newsletter which includes news of the Evangelical Christian Church and of the American Association of Christian Therapists... email or call... but be sure to leave your mailing / posting address...
You may now renew or receive new certification/license for 1 year,  2 years, 5 years, or for an entire lifetime (with certain conditions for lifetime).
Cost for 1 year: (example on all is the Doctoral)               $159.00
Cost for two years (same example)               $249.00
Cost for five years (same example)               $449.00
Cost for Lifetime (same example)                 $699.00
(Fees for other levels of License and Certification will be lower than the example used)
Addition of only $50.00 for "Diplomate Status" (Master & Doctoral levels only)
Addition of only $25.00 for 11x17 size document (Any level)
For the 5 years and lifetime license/certification a records check is required every two years.
Continued for this year ... Liberal transfer allowances toward degrees offered by the Institute of Theology & Christian Therapy.
If your school is a "Certified Academic Institution" you must renew annually... Fee is only $119.00 ... Please check your expiration or renewal date...
If your institution sends 3 students to the AACT and they become members your annual CAI fee is then waived...
Also remember that if you bring three new members into the AACT for each year... Your renewal is no charge...
We look forward to continued growth with you through several years to come.