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The Realization of a Dream

Those committed to the Association are seeing a dream fulfilled through AACT. It is our hope that many will seek further education when, and if, it is needed. We also pray that many of you will choose to be a part of our honorable association, as we strive to certify and train our members as professional Pastors and Christian Counselors.

With Christ as the center of our counseling efforts, we are well aware that many can be helped through proper training and by having their training certified. It is through the implementation of these services that we offer a better solution to those who do not have Christ as the focus of their efforts. 

Moving from Louisiana to Texas 

Why move a successful Association from one state to another? It has to do with leadership. Visit our History page for more detailed information about the origin and history of AACT. When Dr. Barkman became President of IAACT, he was already planning to move to Texas after resigning as a full time pastor in Oklahoma. IACCT has had two capable leaders during its tenure. Dr. Gary Barkman continues as a very capable leader having already doubled the membership of the association since he assumed his role as President of AACT in August of 2000. There is no time like the present to become a vital part of our significant organization.



Wichita Falls, Texas:  The Heart of North Texas 

Known as the "City of Churches" Wichita Falls Texas is located at the top of North Texas and is approximately two hours West of the Dallas-Fort Worth vicinity.  Wichita Falls appears large enough to offer many of the conveniences of larger cities, but still small enough to meet the spiritual, social, and financial needs of its inhabitants.

The name of Wichita Falls is derived from the Choctaw Indians who were the original settlers of the area in the early 1700's.  The name "wia chitoh," which means "big arbor," was a description of the grass-thatched arbors in the Wichita's village.

 The move to Wichita Falls was a good one for the Association.  It came under leadership who placed emphasis on growth but with professionalism.  During the year that AACT was in Wichita Falls new offices were leased, growth continued to become more international, and negotiations were begun to join with different fellowships to insure greater growth.

Continued Growth . . .

As the growth continued it became evident that Wichita Falls was not in the exact center of commerce and travel.  After much consideration and discussion it was determined that it would be more beneficial for AACT to be closer to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  The results of this discussion and consideration was to set up offices in historic Granbury Texas.  This allows us to have much quicker access to DFW, a hub airport.

Hopefully in the next year we will grow sufficiently to begin conferences throughout the United States for Pastors and Christian Counselors who would benefit from such meetings.  There is also negotiations to merge with another certifying association.  AACT's International College has now become part of a University system in Indiana, making ICCT better able to meet the needs of its students.

As AACT continues to grow and seek ways to offer more to its members it will retain its personal touch.  Quality will increase rather than decrease.  Now is the time for YOU to become a part of this growing association.



Approaching Our 10th Year As A Certifing Association 

We are beginning our third year in Granbury.  We have seen growth that is steady and in the last year higher than those previous.  AACT is now part of the Dayspring Ministries International family.  We have shed our affiliation with the university in Indiana.  However several affiliations are just being put in place that will make us even more professional and able to meet the needs of Pastors and our Christian Counselor members.

We have added several new Board Members, all contributing to the growth of our great Association.  One in particular, Andria Sigler-Smalz, has been very assertive in our recent restructure and has assisted greatly.  She is now helping write tests that will be given to new members in the areas of Biblical knowledge and ethics.  A much needed tool as we grow and enter more and more the Counseling world.

We have had our first Conference, in conjunction with the 04 DMI General Conference, where Rev. Sigler-Smalz spoke... We hope to have three speakers at our 05 Conference.  As we approach our 10 year anniversary in 2005 we look to do even more... Watch these pages and our upcoming newsletter (probably starting in sometime between November 04 and January 1, 2005.   



AACT offices are located in Granbury, Texas
Town Square in Granbury



Call anytime at 817-736-3041 and request a catalog
Or print an application and mail to:
P.O. Box 742
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