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It all began to take shape in 1994.  A group interested in assisting those doing Christian Counseling began to put serious thought to a need they had seen for years.  It was felt there needed to be an organization that gave Pastors and Christian Counselors the opportunity for certification.


There was always the avenue of state certification, but the interested group knew that many pastors did not wish to align with the state.  Yet there needed to be an organization that would examine pastors and Christian counselors, in the same way as did the state.


Plans were made, people contacted, and advertisements placed in various magazines and periodicals.  The International Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists was born in early 1995.  The parent organization of A.A.C.T. was established as an official association in Monroe, Louisiana. 


The founder of I.A.C.C.T. was President from its inception in 1995, until his resignation in 2000, when Dr. Gary Barkman took the reigns of the association.  During the years preceding Dr. Barkman’s presidency, executive directors were appointed to manage the association.


During late 1999, the management of I.A.C.C.T. again fell to the founder who was unable to properly direct the association due to other interests requiring his time.  Dr. Gary Barkman was approached to be the new President of I.A.C.C.T., and took office in July of 2000.  


Initially, Dr. Barkman managed the I.A.C.C.T. from his church in Oklahoma, although the association was still residing in Monroe, Louisiana.  When Dr. Barkman resigned as pastor, and moved to Wichita Falls to establish an independent ministry, it was felt by Dr. Barkman that the association should be moved.  It was during this move that the name was changed to more reflect the American nature of the association.  In May of 2001, the American Association of Christian Therapists was incorporated in the state of Texas to carry on the impressive legacy of its parent association.


The rest of the story can be seen within the pages of our catalogs and these web pages.  If you are a Pastoral or Christian Counselor/Therapist, now is the time to become a part of this quality organization.  Call for a catalog, or print the application and reference forms from these pages.  Don’t stand by and watch us grow…COME GROW WITH US.



First Texas Headquarters 2001
American Association of Christian Therapists

First Texas Headquarters of the
We were located in the downtown central business district, Wichita Falls, Texas, In the Oil and Gas Building.

Current headquarters is in the city that has this
grand sight, AACT 2002

This is the view looking out onto the square of "historic" Granbury, Texas.  Moving AACT offices here is a step in our continual growth.  From here we have only a short trip to one of the largest airports in the Nation.  Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport... A hub for travel and commerce.  From here we hope to begin having our annual "Pastoral & Christian" Counselor Conferences