Celebrating Continuous National and International Certification and Education 1995-Present

AACT Advisory and DILN Chaplaincy Boards

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The American Association of Christian Therapists



Each applicant and his or her submitted paperwork are reviewed by the Certification Review Board before being granted certification as a Pastoral or Clinical Counselor, Therapist. The Persons below listed on the CRB are held in high esteem in the field of Christian and Pastoral Counseling and Therapy. They have agreed to review each packet of information received at AACT Headquarters.  Many persons, Pastors and ministers who are not a pastor have made the decision to become a part of this prestigeous association.  The AACT Advisory Board also serves as School Board for Dayspring Christian University and the Institute of Theology & Christian Therapy.


Left to Right, Top Row: Dr. Nancy Spillman, DCU Vice President, Louisiana Campus, AACT/University Certification Review Board; Dr. Lisa Williams, President of Rivers Kingdom College & Advisor to Dr. Barkman, Certification Review Board; Dr. Gary Barkman, President, AACT, Patriarch, The Dayspring Ministry Group;  Ms. Dwana Barkman, AACT CEO, Dayspring Christian University Registrar, Certification Review Board;  Dr. Denis Francois, Vice President, Student Affairs, University Chancellor, Certification Review Board, Tenured University Professor; 


Left to Right, Bottom Row; Dr. Debra P. Schmidt, President, Crossroads Christian Bible College & Theological Seminary, ECC Bishop, AACT/University Associate Professor, Certification Review Board; Dr. John Carter, Certification Review Board, AACT/Univeresity Associate Professor; Dr. Joseph Yacaginsky, University Vice President & Provost, Certification Review Board; Dr. Hurtestine Wilkerson, LCCC, Advisor to the President for incoming student members,  AACT/University Associate Professor; Dr. Johnny Young,  President of H.O.P.E. Bible Institute and Bishop over Heavely Hope Ministries, Baton Rouge, LA and Ferriday, LA 



The above Board is the Dayspring International Leadership Network Board. 
They are responsible for overseeing and Advising in the activities of the Dayspring Chaplains and the new campuses that are now opening for local study.  From left to right is: Dr. Lisa Williams, Dr. Johnny Young, Dr. Gary Barkman, Dr. Ralph Long, Dr. Godwin Booysen.  The Bottom row left to right is; Dr. Nancy Spillman, Dr. Myrtle Jones, Prophetess Anita Robinson.  More information about the Dayspring Chaplaincy and the Board and the new Registered Louisiana Campus will soon be added.

P.O. Box 3634 Brookhaven, Mississippi  39603-7634
Phone 601-833-4559

Graduation at Ft. Lauderdale 2015


Picture above and below is AACT's Involvement in
the graduation of The H.O.P.E. Bible Institute at Baton Rouge Louisiana April 2016