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Dayspring Christian University


 On this page, we will provide basic information  concerning AACT certification and some of the
 diplomas offered through the DCU... Sort of a quickie set up... In Jesus Name 


Our admissions process has led to our reputation as a leading academic institution.


Applicants should complete the application received in the mail, taken from a catalog, or printed from this site and then submit the following items to this office:

1. A completed application form.

There is NOT an application fee

2. Official transcripts from any high school, post-secondary school, college, university, technical or similar school previously attended can be sent to the DCU Louisiana Campus at St. Francisville or DCU Admissions Office, which is at the AACT Processing and Support Center. Applicants must have (1) earned a high school diploma, a General Education Diploma (GED), or similar certificate in order to apply and send a copy to the DCU/AACT Registrar's Office.


Acceptance Procedures

DCU and the AACT reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason it deems justifiable. All questions about application, admissions, enrollment, or credit accumulation should be directed via the email link below, or the postal address, to: 








AACT/DCU Processing Center

Processing Center Address: 

AACT Processing Center
P.O. Box 3634
Brookhaven, Mississippi  39603

DCU Louisiana Campus

P.O. Box

St. Francisville, LA

Please allow at least fifteen (15) business days for the office to respond to any matter.

Although the AACT Headquarters gives support for the school, and mail is sent to the AACT Office, Dayspring Christian University is not located in Mississippi.  The Main campus is located in St. Francisville, Louisiana. There are no school activities in Mississippi except for needed administrative support by staff members in the AACT office in Brookhaven, Mississippi.

The Dayspring Christian University International Office is also housed at the Campus in St. Francisville, LA and in the office of the American Association of Christian Therapists' headquarters office in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  All school activities are handled through the Campus in St. Francisville, LA By Dr. Nancy Spillman.  Many students will study online from various locations in the United States, Europe, Africa, India, and other countries of the world... Graduation is each June in Ft. Lauderdale at the El Palacio Hotel or if the number is large enough in St. Francisville, LA.  All students, online and those from the main campus and various teaching centers throughout the world will graduate in June at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida or in St. Francisville, Louisiana.


Dayspring Christian University

General Undergraduate Studies


Diploma in Biblical Studies and Ministry

(30 credit hours)

Associate of Ministry, A.Min.

(60 credit hours)

Bachelor of Ministry, B.Min.

( A.Min. + 60 hours or 120 credit hours)


Below are Degree Programs for those in the Evangelical Christian Church and other Fellowships and Denominations. DCU is the official University of the Evangelical Christian Church.


Master of Ministry, M.Min.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Master of Theology, M.Th.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Master of Spiritual Direction

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)


Doctor of Ministry, D.Min

(M.Min or equivalent + 39 credit hours)

Doctor of Theology, D.Th.

(M.Th or equivalent + 39 credit hours)

Doctor of Spiritual Direction

(M.Min, M.Th or equivalent + 44 credit hours)


The University is also the official educational arm of the

American Association of Christian Therapists.


Master of Christian Therapy, M.C.T.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 Credit hours)

Doctor of Christian Therapy, D.C.T.

(M.C.T. or equivalent+ 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Therapy

(M.C.T. or equivalent+ 57 credit hours)


Master of Biblical Psychology Psy.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours, 500 hour practicum)

Doctor of Biblical Psychology, Psy.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Psychology

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)



Master of Christian Life Coaching C.L.C.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Doctor of Christian Life Coaching C.L.C.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Life Coaching

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)



Master of Biblical Psychotherapy B.P.M.

(B.Min or equivalent + 42 credit hours)

Doctor of Biblical Psychotherapy B.P.D.

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 44 credit hours)

Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Psychotherapy

(M.C.T., Psy.M. or equivalent + 57 credit hours)


Dayspring Christian University is the external Studies division of The AACT and is associated with Ft. Lauderdale through a teaching center located in Florida and Lagos Nigeria. The University has recently become a registered School in the State of Louisiana, in St. Francisville.  Much of the work of the University is done at the AACT headquarters in Brookhaven, Mississippi. At this time the Univeristy is part of a grand consortium that graduates students at the Ft. Lauderdale Campus each year in June. Degrees may be obtained from the University without one being a member of AACT

The links below will get you to the main DCU page where you can locate

 the information you wish to read and/or use. When you find the information that you need,

call our Registrar, Dwana at 601-320-6704 if you need further assistance

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