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Dear prospective member,


Welcome to the A.A.C.T., the American Association of Christian Therapists. The A.A.C.T. is an inclusive organization of Christian counselors and therapists at various levels of expertise. We seek to offer an opportunity for membership, commensurate to each individual’s education, training, and experience. In the way the credentialing levels have been structured, we’ve sought to maintain quality and integrity regarding qualifications, while respecting and providing for those who are in the process of obtaining skills in the field of pastoral counseling or Christian counseling and therapy.


The A.A.C.T. is a conservative but multi-disciplinary group, with a firm belief that there can be “unity in diversity” within the body of Christ, and within the Christian counseling community. This diversity is reflected in our respect for differing models of Christian counseling and therapy, and in the unique manner God has gifted each of us as ministers. Our unity is represented in our end purpose and goals. These goals include offering a means for counseling training for pastors, and theological training for Christian therapists. This will better equip us to assist clients in their desire to experience the abundant life the Lord has offered them, and to facilitate the removal of the “roadblocks” that inhibit their ability to be all that God is calling them to be.


Whether you are a member of the body of Christ seeking training for lay counseling ministry, a student, a church pastor desiring to expand your counseling skills, a pastoral counselor, or a Christian who is a state licensed therapist, the A.A.C.T. has a place for you. In addition to the credentialing process, we offer an interactive e-mail group, a membership directory for referrals, training, fellowship, and information on beginning a counseling ministry. Our ties to the Institute of Theology and Christian Therapy (I.T.C.T.) provide you the opportunity for discounted continuing education, and our relationship with the Evangelical Christian Church (E.C.C.) offers qualified individuals the opportunity for ministerial licensing or ordination for pastoral counseling.


Please take the time to peruse our web site. We welcome you to join our growing group and look forward to the opportunity to get to know you. If you have any questions, or require information regarding how membership in our program relates to the regulations of the state in which you reside, I would be happy to help you obtain that information.




Scroll down the page to find all Certification and License fee levels. You will also always be offered your renewal with a 20% decrease from your start-up fee. The following lists the certification or License and directs you to the main website for details…http://aact1995.com


It is recommended that all persons who seek certification or license be ordained.

This follows the governments guidelines for Faith Based Counseling and Therapy.   


Membership and non degreed Registration Level


PASTORAL OR CHRISTIAN MEMBER - (Membership Only) - $149.00





(Requires AACT approved special training or Bachelor’s degree)


Graduate and Post Graduate Certification and License



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) - $169.00



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) - $169.00


(Circle your choices or receive "Pastoral" and "Therapist) - $179.00  



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) – $179.00



(Circle your choices or receive “Pastoral” and “Therapist) – $179.00


The AACT will grant “Diplomate” status to any graduate level License for an additional fee of only $75.00.  


Please see registration fees for Domestic Violence Certification and License,

and for Christian Life coach on other pages of the main website.

If you have questions please call the office at 601-320-6704.


Does your school need to be accredited... Read below

Does your school, seminary, institute, college, or university need to be accredited ... but the fees are too high and is the accrediting agency credible??? Consider accrediting your Christian Counseling cirriculum... the AACT can do this at a reduced Rate. Your University, Seminary, College, Institute, or other Training Center Can Be Accredited as an "Accredited Academic Institution" by the American Association of Christian Therapists!


We would like to expand the union between our Association and your School. Thereby giving your students an opportunity to be a part of a growing, established, prestigious association. Your college, institute, seminary, or even your University can become accredited for the Christian Counseling curriculum you offer.  If you are interested please go to the main AACT website and read about all that is necessary.  Meet your requirements concerning ACCREDITION at a reduced cost. Website is http://aact1995.com

The links below will get you to the main AACT page where you can locate

 the information you wish to read and/or use. When you find the information that you need,

call our Registrar, Dwana at 601-320-6704 if you need further assistance