DMG Dayspring Gathering & General Conference

The Evangelical Christian Church

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What shall we begin to see here over the next several months and a few days... Celebrations 2017 -->>>>
We will be having a Dayspring Gathering in June beginning the Wednesday after Father's day... That is going from June 21, 2017 to June 25, 2017.  We will be having some very prestigious speakeers ... both being Patriarch's and Archbishops and each doing the work of an Apostle. 

We will also be introducing through the years ... the Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship and the Dayspring Chaplains Program.







The Pictures above are from the 2017 Dayspring Gathering.  The shots are from Friday evening's Ordination and Consecration service.  The two with Dr. Francois and Dr. Long are from the beginning of the Graduation on the following Sunday afternoon.  Check out many pictures on the Fastbooks of the Dayspring Ministry Group.


Shown in the Picture above is Dr. Malcolm Patterson, General Superintendent Emeritus of the Evangelical Christian Church.  With him is Dr. Gary Barkman, Patriarch and Archbishop of the Dayspring Ministry Group ... President of the American Association of Christian Therapists and Dayspring Christian University

Metropolitan Archbishop, U.S.A.,Dr. Denis Francois
Our host for the Dayspring Gathering (General Conference 2014)

Above is The Most Reverend Doctor, Denis Francois, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Evangelical Christian Church Worldwide, U.S.A.


Above is The Most Reverend Doctor, Godwin Booyson, (Symeon) Metropolitan Archbishop of the Apostolic Episcopal Communion & Fellowship

Left below... a beautiful view of Ft. Lauderdale
Right below ... The Most Reverend Malcolm Patterson, General Superintendent Emeritus, U.S.A

Cruise ships at Ft. Lauderdale

Bishop General Malcolm Patterson preaching at
Conference... Dr. Patterson is the General Superintendent Emeretus of the ECC in the United States


The Dayspring Gatherings will each have a separate theme... If you wish to have a Gathering at your location... call and invite the President and Archbishop and others to be a part... We will participate if you will take care of our lodging... and sometimes our flight to get there... Pray about this new step in Ministry...